Eternity: CD
  • Eternity: CD
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Eternity (2012) - John Lyell's newest offering Eternity picks-up where his previous CD, Dimensions ended. This one carries you along on gentle synth-pads, that slowly undulate within the timeless echoes of "Eternity". There is a slight cadence suggesting the passage of time itself. This reflective CD; is a deeply ambient one, that quietly beckons you away from the familiar. It explores limitless vistas, and transports one to deepspace ports-of-call. Any of these selections, would mesh well on a playlist with: Jonn Serrie, Dreams of Dying Stars, Alpha Wave Movement, Stephanie Sante, or Meg Bowles. At times, this work has an almost exotic feel to it. While at others, you achieve an almost uncanny sense of universal, deep solace.

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